The Trials of Blood

trials-of-blood-titleThe Trials of Blood

Malisyn and Allyn are two orphans who live in the small village of Tor’vic, on the borders of the mysterious Glass Plains. Their lives are simple: avoid chores and try to find a way to leave the orphanage. Malisyn dreams of being a Blood Mage and Allyn, a sword wielding Guardian. Their lives change forever when they stumble upon the body of murdered child…

When the leader of the Blood Mages suspects a demon is on the loose, he calls for The Trials of Blood: a large scale test for anyone who believes they have the ability to cast magic. Malisyn and Allyn see their way out of the orphanage: to participate in the Trials. Will they survive the dangerous Trials of Blood to discover if they have magic? Or will they die trying?

Or will the demon hunt them down before the Trials even begin?

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Author Notes

The Trials of Blood is a dark fantasy novel that was written between April 2011 and November 2013. The version that is currently available to read is draft zero, meaning the first attempt with little to no editing. Personally, I can see my writing improve as the chapters continue and the story doesn’t really “feel” right until about Chapter 5.

I’m going to be honest: I love writing stories, but synopsis and book blurbs? I suck at them. Forgive me.

Chapter 1
5,226 words
Written from March 15th, 2012 to April 4th, 2012

Chapter 2
5,696 words
Written from April 9th, 2012 to April 30th, 2012

Chapter 3
5,042 words
Written from May 2nd, 2012 to July 11th 2012

Chapter 4
6,468 words
Written from July 12th, 2012 to September 16th, 2012

Chapter 5
6,000 words
Written from September 24th, 2012 to January 2nd, 2013
Break in November 2012 for “Earth Borne” during National Novel Writing Month.

Chapter 6
5,338 words
Written from January 14th, 2013 to February 11th, 2013

Chapter 7
Written from February 12th, 2013 to March 29th, 2013?

Chapter 8
5,849 words
Written from April 3rd, 2013 to June 7th, 2013

Chapter 9
6,692 words
Written from June 17th, 2013 to August 12th, 2013
Break in April 2013 for “Six Hours Remaining” during Camp National Novel Writing Month.

Chapter 10
5,947 words
Written from August 13th, 2013 to October 17th, 2013

The final chapters were all written during November 2013 for National Novel Writing Month.

Chapter 11
6,692 words

Chapter 12
7,511 words

Chapter 13
6,272 words

Chapter 14
6,047 words

Chapter 15
6,752 words

Chapter 16
9,489 words

Chapter 17
9,617 words

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