Short Stories

This is a collection of short stories and novellas written by independent author Michelle Brumley.

Author’s Note: Part of the “National Novel Writing Month” recommends you give your story a “book cover.” So most of these are the result of me attempting to make a “mock up” book cover. I’m not a professional designer (as you can easily see!), but I do enjoy the process of making a book cover and having something to visualize and dream with. Consider it a home-made trophy. No, none of these stories would ever be publishing with these covers (self-published or otherwise), I’d pay a professional for that–but it allows me to have a little fun, to represent my stories in a way that is satisfying to me. So, cringe all you want, I made these for me, not you!


Hope in the Darkness
Written: November 2015
Current Status: Spring 2016 in the 30th issue of the literary magazine The Trestle Creek Review.
Length: 933 words
Read the full story here or you can read it in the digital version of The Trestle Creek Review here.


Earth Borne – A paranormal adventure

Earth Borne
Written: November 2012
Current Status: Revision and editing stage
Length: About 47,000 words
Genre(s): Paranormal, young adult, adventure

Earth Borne was written in November 2012 as part of National Novel Writing Month.
Read the (second) draft of Chapter 1 here (about 5,000 words).

Six Hours Remaining – A zombie epic novella

Six Hours Remaining
Written: July 2013
Current Status: Incomplete draft, not finished
Length: About 19,000 words
Genre(s): Adventure, young adult, zombie slapstick comedy

Six hours left on the laptop battery. Four friends. One cat. Too many zombies.
Read the first two chapters here (about 5,000 words).

Wolfsbane – A supernatural love story

Written: May 2009 (Updated January 2014)
Current Status: Revision and editing stage
Genre(s): Supernatural romance, young adult, adventure, action